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The Adventure Begins

Joe and Linda Garman, founders of ARM, were serving as missionaries to South Korea in 1969 when they entered their first prison in Taejon. Word quickly spread through the Korean prison system that American missionaries were willing to minister to Korean prisoners.

Joe and Linda soon found themselves in full-time prison and reformatory ministry throughout the Republic of Korea. In 1972, the Korean prison ministry was transferred into the capable hands of the Korean churches and the Garmans moved as missionaries to Israel.

When Israeli authorities refused to renew the Garman’s visas, they returned stateside in May of 1973 to establish the American Rehabilitation Ministries; later to be renamed Arm Prison Outreach International. Today, ARM is leading more men, women, boys and girls to an abiding faith in Jesus Christ than at any other time in over three decades of ministry.

New Stories Were Added

Foreign Missions | Prison Ministry | Ministries Launched | Hope Is Found

Joe and Linda Garman

Now The Adventure Continues

To this day, Brother Joe continues to visit prisons throughout the United States, conducting his See Through The Scriptures seminars and leading inmates to Christ. In addition to his personal work, Brother Joe oversees the work of ARM, which includes proving baptistries to prisons and ministries throughout the U.S. and abroad. The sun never sets on an ARM sponsored baptistry. Every 10 minutes someone, somewhere in the world, is baptized in a baptistry built and donated by ARM.

Besides providing prisons and ministries with these baptisteries, ARM serves as the National Jail and Prison Distribution Center for the American Bible Society, which is our nation’s largest and oldest Bible Society. We thank God for the ABS and for the opportunity to distribute hundreds of thousands of Bibles to inmates across America.

ARM conducts the American Bible Academy—“the fastest growing Bible College behind bars” with a new inmate student enrolling every 30 minutes 24/7. In addition its printed courses, the ABA can also be accessed through, which serves as the internet portal for the American Bible Academy Resource Center.

ARM distributes DaySpring greeting cards to prisons throughout America. Currently ARM ships about five million cards each year to America’s prisons—many containing a Gospel tract and an invitation to enroll in ABA. Hundreds of Christian volunteers frequent ARM headquarters each month sorting and packaging these all occasion Christian greeting cards. Volunteers are the heart of our ministry!

In 2001, ARM expanded its work internationally to embrace a prison ministry in Mexico. In 2002, we went inter-continental by extending our prison outreach to include Ghana, Africa; Trivandrum, India; and Krasnodar, Russia. Later, we expanded worldwide to accommodate branch ministries in Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Today, ARM takes the Gospel into isolated jail and prison cells from California to Florida and to remote correctional facilities and detention centers on six continents. But without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for helping our adventure to continue!

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