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    12 hour shift

    A film by Brea Grant

    2020 | 88 minutes | Comedy | NR

    A GRUESOMELY GREAT RIDE. One of the true standouts from Fantasia Fest 2020. [Brea Grant] understands the tropes, archetypes, and beats of the genre so well that we hardly notice until all hell truly breaks loose.
    — Rosie Knight, Nerdist
    A clever mix of the farcical and macabre. Things get even bloodier than you’d expect.
    — Dennis Harvey, Variety


    It's 1998 and over the course of one night at an Arkansas hospital, a junkie nurse, her scheming cousin and a group of black market organ-trading criminals get caught up in a heist gone wrong. Starring Angela Bettis, David Arquette, and Mick Foley.

    Virtual screenings

    Magnolia Pictures is proud to introduce a new way of supporting the independent theaters you love, while watching 12 Hour Shift at home. $5 from every ticket purchase goes directly to the theater of your choice.