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PrisonerAMERICAN REHABILITATION MINISTRIES is an arm of the church to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison. A.R.M. began ministering to U.S. prisoners in May of 1973 when America’s prison population was only 234,000, where it had hovered since the 1940’s. Today A.R.M. ministers to more than 1.2 million people who are incarcerated in America’s 1,500 state and federal prisons, and an additional half-million inmates who occupy or nation’s 3,200 jails.

Joe R. Garman is founder and President of A.R.M. and graduated from Ozark Christian College. Joe and his wife Linda were serving as missionaries to Korea in 1969 when a chaplain of the U.S. Military told them about four American servicemen incarcerated in a Korean prison. With great fear and trembling, the Garmans entered their first prison, halfway around the world.

A great love for these American prisoners developed and Joe began going to the prison on a regular basis. The warden asked Joe if he would also consider visiting the Korean prisoners. Word quickly spread through the Korean prison system that an American missionary was willing to pastor Korean prisoners. Joe soon found himself in full-time prison and reformatory ministry throughout the Republic of Korea.

After the Korean prison ministry was firmly established, Joe and Linda left Korea to serve as missionaries to Israel, and the Korean prison ministry was turned over to the Korean churches. When Israeli authorities refused to renew the Garman’s visa, they returned stateside to found AMERICAN REHABILITATION MINISTRIES, later to be known as A.R.M. PRISON OUTREACH.

Continual believing prayer is the secret of the fruitfulness and vitality in this mission work. A.R.M. is an ordinary mission that God is using to accomplish extraordinary things. We stand amazed as we look back and see the valleys and mountaintops, discouragement and elation, pitfalls and stepping stones God has led us through.

Call it what you will: awakening, renewal, revival. There is a very real moving of the Holy Spirit in many prisoners’ hearts today. Young and old are discovering that God wants to change their circumstances, their lifestyles, and their eternal destinies. Please support A.R.M. with your prayers and offerings.

Please consider giving a gift to American Rehabilitation Ministries. All donations from this website will be applied to our prison outreach.

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